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Orders and Inquiries

This form is simply a guide to get us started. If you prefer to email your information, please feel free to do that; it all goes to the same place. This is not a final order form. In other words, once you hit send we don't automatically start printing your order, you will be contacted within 1-2 business days.

   We do not have an automated order form set up because there are so many variables to consider for each card. No two orders are alike, even if they are all the same invitation. So these are the basics that I will need from you to get going. If there is a field you can't answer, then please ignore it. I will get back to you with further questions and final pricing. I recommend that you print out the web page with your item listing for use as a checklist of things you'll need as you fill out this form (if you were just there, hit your "back" button).

   Note that by "verse" we mean all of the wording from start to finish on any item.

   Don't forget to visit our helpful hints pages to find out more about each item.


If you are not ready to send us information for an order, please email or phone us instead with your questions and comments.

1) Your Name


2) Email Address


3) Daytime Phone Number(s)


4) Item or items you are interested in: please include item number (if applicable) and description/name.


5) Quantity: generally in multiples of 25 (unless otherwise noted). If you are ordering different quantities for different items, just list "quantity: ##" in the fields below for those items. Remember to make sure you've ordered extras for last-minute guests and keepsakes: it is a LOT less expensive to order 25 extra now than it will be to order 25 extra later!


6) Ink Color or background color, if you can choose. Go to the main page for whatever it is you are ordering and you will see links for the ink colors. Otherwise, just let me know the color you're hoping for and I will let you know if it is available.


7) Lettering style


8) Invitation/Announcement/Program Text: please type out the full verse you are using. If you want to (or have to) use the same verse that is in the sample, just make a note of that but remember to give all of YOUR event information if applicable: full names, day, date, time, location, address, etcetera.


9) Do you want Reception Cards (also used as map/directions cards or invitations to another event being mailed at the same time)? If so, what should they say?


10) Do you want Note Cards/Foldovers, also known as Thank-You notes? If so, how many and what should they say? Many cards are already set up with special monograms to match the style of the ensemble or else they are simply printed with your names in the same font as the rest of the items you are ordering. At this time, also let me know if you want the note card envelope flaps printed with a return address (additional charges apply).


11) Respond Cards: what is the Respond Verse and DATE (typically a month before the event, but it depends on your needs)?


11a) What is the Respond envelope name/address? This is the person who should receive these returned cards in the mail.


12) Do you want printed outer envelope flaps? If so, what address? The address will be printed on the envelope flap 2-3 lines. This is your return address. We do not print each guest's address on the invitation envelopes unless you order calligraphy.


12a) Do you want extra outer envelopes and extra inner envelopes (if available)? If so, how many of each?


13) Are there any other items that you want or need with this invitation? (ie: envelope seals, ribbon, clips, lined inner envelopes if available, printing of guest names/addresses on the outer envelopes, place cards, programs, etc.)


14) Shipping Name and Address

Colorado Residents: Please list your county name under your address.


15) Billing Name and Address (if different)

Colorado Residents: Please list your county name under your address.


16) How will you be paying for your order?

Personal Check When you approve your order we will give you the info you need to make payment. We prefer this method because we avoid credit card fees and it keeps our prices low, though your order remains on hold until we receive your check.

Credit Card payment. When you approve your order and are ready to make payment, call us at 303 904 1181, M-F, 10-5 MountainST. Be ready with your card number, expiration date and CID or V-CODE if your card has one.

PayPal We will email an e-invoice when your order is ready for approval and you can pay via secure server by following a few simple instructions.


16) How did you hear about us? This will help us improve our system:

Internet Search using

     What did you search for?

Referral from a friend



17) Other Questions or Comments


Don't worry if this form isn't completely filled out, you only need to send us info for the things you are ordering it's just a guide of things we will probably need if you choose to place an order. We will personally ready each email and get back to you quickly with any questions or to verify your order and direct you on how to send your payment.


If you send us all of the information that we need to begin processing your order, we will most likely send you the acknowledgement, request for final approval and e-invoice.


Thanks for contacting Cherry Lane Stationery and Lion Graphics!!


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