Ordering Custom self-inking stamps from Lion Graphics is easy. Here are the steps:



Choose the size of your stamp

We have a large selection of self-inking stamps from which to choose, but these three are our most popular and usually will fit on even the smallest logs! (Please note that occasionally our supplier will change the design of the cases before we can update the image here, but this gives you an idea):

  • 1SI-20P-NAV5 for $21.40: .375" x 1.125" imprint. Our 2000-Plus line. This is the one I use - it only takes up about 2 lines on the small logs.


  • 1SI-20PGL-NAV5 for $24.50: .375" x 1.125" imprint. This is our 2000-Plus Green Line: stamps contain at least 70% recycled plastic.


  • 1XP-N40-NAV5 for $29: .375" x 1.125" imprint. The X-Stamper Eco-Green stamp. Over 50% recycled content by weight, Compact size.


  • 1XP-N40PK-NAV5 for $30.10: .375" x 1.125" imprint. The X-Stamper Eco-Green stamp. Same as above, but with a pink housing.


  • We do have other sizes and shapes available if you are looking for different kinds of stamps. Just email me! cheryl @ (no spaces).

*Shipping costs will be added to the total



Choose your ink colors

If no color is indicated, Black will be used.

Pink ink is also available: X-Stampers only.



How many would you like to order?




What do you want it to read? Do you have a font you love? Would you like any clipart on it? Let us know and we'll design something that works for you. Or, if you already have a design and want us to copy it, email us a high-resolution image (or contact me for vector file requirements.)



Email us with your order: cheryl @ (remove spaces).

If you have your art on disk, email it to us. We work in Freehand MX and Illustrator CS3, and can open most electronic files. I will send you a digital proof and itemized invoice with payment instructions.


Don't forget to let me know your name and your shipping/billing address(es).


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